You might have heard of us—Gusty Gulas is endorsed by financial guru Dave Ramsey, along with several radio personalities; Dollar Bill and Madison from The Bull FM 102.5, JT from Alabama’s Morning News FM 105.5, and Will and Reg from Birmingham Mountain Radio FM 107.3. We’re truly connected—in more ways than one.
Gusty Gulas takes marketing seriously and invests thousands of dollars in the latest and greatest tools, social media networks, photographers, etc. Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, or the radio, marketing is a crucial part of our real estate process. There’s way more strategy than you might expect, but the results are so worth it.

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Knowledge is Key

We do tons of research and are constantly learning from the country’s best real estate masterminds and our networks. There’s always more to discover and new things to try, which is why our strategies are so successful.

Knowledge is Key
Staging your Home

Staging Your Home

What sets us apart? Well, as soon as your property enters our radar, we work hard to set it up for success from the inside out. We’ll help guide you so your home looks spick and span—cleaning, decluttering, and letting light in is integral to success. People will be trying to picture themselves living in this space that was yours, so you want to give them the optimal environment to do that.

Professional Photos

Once it’s ready, we send professional photographers to get gorgeous shots—this part is imperative to presenting your home on all the different marketing mediums we use. Would you rather look at grainy, low-light pics or bright, superbly sharp, stunning photos? Exactly! We use these photos for virtual tours, social media, and listings—to grab people’s attention. We’ve even sold homes without the buyer stepping foot in the house—that’s how effective this can be.

Professional Photos
Spreading the word

Spreading the Word

Once your property is good to go, it’s all about getting the word out. Gusty Gulas invests hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketing strategies—way more than the competition. People love to scroll through their feeds these days, so naturally we love interacting through social media and have thousands of followers. Who doesn’t love being popular online? Without question, strong online presence and amazing photos are paramount to our success—they grab those eyes and ears like nothing else.

Valuable Results

All the energy we pour into marketing really pays off—in 2018, Gusty Gulas sold 427 homes for $86.6 million in volume, and averaged 35 days on the market. The bottom line is: We’re two steps ahead of the competition in terms of marketing, and this leads to, absolutely, getting the most bang for your buck.

Valuable Results
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