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JT and Katie Thornbury

JT and Katie Thornbury had been contemplating renovating their Homewood home or moving up to their next home. After a discussion with Gusty, they charted out their ideal home and, if it popped up, they would consider purchasing. A few weeks later, a cute Spanish Villa became available on the market in the Hollywood neighborhood of Homewood. The Thornburys were excited and jumped at the chance to see the property the first day on the market. The problem was so did 15 other people and, by the time we saw the home, the seller had already received 5 offers. The Thornburys loved the home, so they leaned on Gusty to navigate this tricky negotiation. Gusty recommended a strategy using an escalation clause, where you offer a certain amount of money but make note that you are willing to pay a set amount over the highest competitive offer, up to a certain amount. The plan worked! The Thornburys were able to buy their dream home and beat 5 other offers doing so.

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